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Ripped Rooster full review – legit fat burner or just a scam?

The point of working out is to look and feel better.

The primary means to that end is to lose excess fat and build a framework of lean muscles. This is particularly important for those looking to build a ripped physique by way of aggressive weight training.

Unfortunately, anyone who has ever tried to transform their out-of-condition body into one that would make Jack LaLanne proud knows that it’s easier said than done with legacy fat (and the production of new fat) being a particularly tough nut to crack. Enter Ripped Rooster by HUM Nutrition.

What is Ripped Rooster?

Ripped Rooster is a dietary supplement that claims to leverage thermogenic (1) abilities to help you burn through fat (literally) faster than you could ever do on your own. “Thermogenic” is a ten dollar word that predates Ripped Rooster and means “to produce heat by means of metabolic stimulation”.

Bodybuilders have been using thermogenics for years to increase their metabolic rate. The theory being that increasing the metabolism increases one’s ability to expend more energy during a workout thereby also increasing the amount of fat being burned.

Any bodybuilder who has spent 5 minutes talking to other bodybuilders is aware of ephedrine, which is known to produce similar effects, but also carries with it the threat of some pretty nasty side effects including cardiac arrhythmia, acne, nausea, insomnia, dizziness, tremors and more.

To their credit, HUM Nutrition bypass ephedrine and seeks the thermogenic response by way of safer ingredients.

How does it work?

As we said Ripped Rooster seeks to leverage the process of thermogenesis to help you burn through stubborn fat deposits and achieve the ripped physique you’re after. But if it doesn’t use ephedrine (or 1,000 mg of caffeine for that matter) then how exactly does it propose to do that?

A quick look at the label answers that question:

The first item you’ll notice there is Chromium. This might seem an odd thing to see on a supplement label but chromium has actually been a staple of the bodybuilder diet for some time. Chromium is known to help boost energy, build lean muscle and increase endurance. It also helps stabilize insulin levels in the blood.

Next up is something called 7-keto or as we like to call it 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone (say that 3 times fast). 7-Keto is a byproduct of DHEA but unlike its parent 7-keto is not converted by the body into a steroidal hormones such as androgen (testosterone) and estrogen.

7-keto is known for its ability to increase metabolism, promote weight loss and build muscle without the odious effects that are a common byproduct of steroids. Its inclusion then in Ripped Rooster makes perfect sense since HUM promotes their product as a safer way to achieve a ripped physique. So far so good.

The last of the major ingredients on the Ripped Rooster label is epigallocatechin gallate. Also known by its more marketable name, green tea extract. While most people have nothing against a nice cup of tea many will wonder what green tea has to do with getting ripped. It turns out that epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG for short has actually been shown to increase the metabolism and burn fat.

The Chinese have used it for centuries to treat everything from prostate conditions to obesity and there is some evidence it may also help in the treatment of high blood pressure, although such claims have been disputed (2). There is little dispute however about the ability of EGCG to increase metabolism which should, in theory, help burn fat. As such its inclusion in the Ripped Rooster ingredient list makes sense. 

Ripped Rooster also boasts that it contains no sugar, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and that it is vegan/vegetarian friendly.

So the main takeaway from reading the Ripped Rooster label is that the company has done their homework when it comes to formulating their supplement. And that it seems, at least on the surface, to have taken the high road when it comes to helping you burn fat and build those lean, ripped muscles you’re after.

What are the benefits of Ripped Rooster?

There are a number of potential benefits to using Ripped Rooster. Some of those benefits have to do with how it can help you burn fat and build the type of chiseled physique you’re after and some of those benefits have to do with how it won’t hurt you.

As we mentioned there is little doubt that the people behind Ripped Rooster have done their nutritional homework. All the major ingredients here have proven fat burning abilities and should indeed provide the thermogenic benefits touted in the marketing. From 7-keto to green tea extract and chromium they are all known to both bodybuilders and nutritional scientists as being safe and effective metabolism boosters and that’s a good thing.

The other noteworthy aspect of the items on the Ripped Rooster ingredient list is what they don’t do to you. Because 7-keto for instance is not metabolized into one of the steroidal hormones there’s no risk of it producing the side effects commonly associated with those compounds (3).

What are the side effects of Ripped Rooster?

Although the ingredients in Ripped Rooster are all considered to be more or less safe for human consumption, “safe” is a relative term. All, in fact, have some well documented side effects and we’ll get into those here.

Chromium is an essential mineral, but like many essential vitamins and minerals too much chromium may produce adverse side effects including:

  • Low blood sugar (if taken with certain diabetes medications)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood changes
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver damage

Most of these potential side effects are extremely rare, although if you are taking anti diabetes medications low blood sugar is a potential danger worth keeping your eye on. In addition, you should not take chromium if you already suffer from either kidney or liver disease.

There has not been enough clinical study of 7-keto itself to know if it produces any noteworthy side effects. However, because 7-keto is a byproduct of DHEA the potential side effects of its parent must be weighed when considering whether or not to take any supplement that includes 7-keto.

Acne, oily skin, excessive sweating and nasal congestion are some of the less egregious side effects of DHEA. Less common, but potentially more serious side effects include virilism in women (facial hair, baldness, deepening voice) and swollen breasts, loss of body hair and testicular wasting in men.

These side effects are the direct result of DHEA being a precursor of androgen and estrogen. Finally it is believed that DHEA may also increase the risk for developing hormone sensitive cancers such as ovarian or prostate cancer and may also lead to prostate enlargement.

Again, however, keep in mind these are the potential side effects of DHEA and not necessarily those of its offspring 7-keto. We provide them to you here simply because 7-keto has not yet undergone enough clinical analysis to state exactly what its potential side effects might be.

While known for its beneficial properties and used by practitioners of Chinese medicine for thousands of years (4) green tea extract is not without its potential side effects. Those include:

  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach

While more severe side effects are extremely rare they have been known to occur and anyone taking this supplement should be aware of them. They include:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Mood changes
  • Tremors
  • Liver problems
  • Jaundice
  • Seizures
  • Confusion and more…

Again, it is highly unlikely that you will experience any of the more severe potential side effects of green tea extract, but it’s important to know exactly what you are taking before you take it.

How do you take Ripped Rooster?

As is the case with most supplements taking Ripped Rooster is not complicated. HUM Nutrition recommend you take 2 capsules per day with food…That’s it.

What are the reviews saying?

Ripped Rooster is one of a dwindling number of products that is not available via and as such the number and variety of actual user reviews is lacking to say the least. What reviews there are tend to be found on message boards and bodybuilding forums.

Most of those claiming to be actual users of the product laud its fat burning properties but are short on specifics regarding its ability to help produce a lean, ripped physique.

Professional review sites tend to focus on the ingredients and either applaud the focus on safe, effective, known quantities or bemoan the absence of the reviewer’s preferred ingredients. So, as you can likely surmise, the reviews aren’t saying much at this particular point in time simply because there aren’t many of them out there. And that is likely due to the company’s strategy of not offering Ripped Rooster for sale on amazon where it would probably attract far more attention.


Q: Is Ripped Rooster safe?

A: Going strictly by an analysis of the listed ingredients we would feel relatively safe using this product as constituted. However, the lack of clinical data on the product as well as the relative lack of user reviews reinforce the notion that, in spite of the fact that it seems to be made from proven ingredients, you should nonetheless be cautious when using Ripped Rooster and keep a watchful eye out for any side effects.

Q: Is Ripped Rooster effective?

A: Again, because user reviews for the product are few and far between it’s difficult to draw any definitive conclusions about its effectiveness. It seems as though it should be able to live up to the marketing, but the history of supplements is rife with examples of products that promised the moon and delivered little more than a charge on your credit card account. The fact is the jury is still out on whether Ripped Rooster is the real deal.

Q: Does Ripped Rooster contain GMOs?

A: Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs have been getting a lot of press lately as people have become increasingly concerned that these laboratory creations may pose a health risk. The scientific consensus is that GMOs pose no actual threat to humans (4).

At the same time however, you’re always going to find plenty of folks who are skeptical about any ‘official’ findings. And a there’s nothing wrong with some healthy skepticism. Fortunately, Ripped Rooster avoids the issue altogether by not including any GMOs in its formulation.

Q: Is Ripped Rooster made by a reputable company?

A: HUM certainly has a formidable marketing campaign behind them and their products seem professionally made and packaged. You’re unlikely to get a package from HUM that has broken containers, bottles with misapplied labels or supplements that are past their expiration date.

That being said, the company has not been around that long and it often can take some time to learn whether a business can truly be trusted or not. But as of this writing, we couldn’t find anything that indicates consumers have any particular trust issues with HUM.


Ripped Rooster is one of a new breed of supplements that attempts to put a healthier spin on fat burning and bodybuilding by sticking to ingredients with a proven track record of helping with both. As such we applaud their effort and the overall focus on reclaiming fitness in general, and bodybuilding in particular, from the steroid crowd.

However, the fact that HUM Nutrition keeps such a tight lid on the distribution of Ripped Rooster, and the fact that such tight control tends to suppress dialogue, are both reasons to approach Ripped Rooster with caution. While we don’t see any specific reason to be overly concerned discretion is always required when dealing with little-known products that have the potential to impact your health in any substantive way.

The bottom line is that, on paper (which is pretty much all we have to go on at this point), Ripped Rooster seems like it might be just what the doctor ordered as far as fat burning and muscle building is concerned. Just make sure you consult your doctor anyway before you go all-in on this product.

If you’re looking for the most effective fat burning supplement on the market, click here to see the one we recommend.

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The Top 5 Fat Burners for Women of 2018

When searching for the best female fat burner, it is crucial to bear in mind the way the female body works.

Women have higher sensitivities to men, and they also store fat at different rates and bodily locations.

The supplement market seems overwhelmed with fat cutting products for men, so what about the ladies?

We made it our mission to find out.

Below we list our top 5 female fat burners; rated according to ingredient quality, fat burning potential and cost.

When we have finished our top 5 list, we will delve deeper into how fat burners work, how to use them and any side effects to be aware of.

Here’s our #1 rated fat burner for women:

1- Leanbean

Lowest price we found

Leanbean is a female fat burner that packs a punch.

This intense female fat burner and hunger crusher is manufactured to work alongside female biology for maximum effect…

Their formula is the best we have seen, filled with high quality, natural ingredients that kickstart calorie burn and keep metabolism at high speed.

The best thing about Leanbean is that it completely avoids any harsh ingredients that over-stimulate the body. These kinds of ingredients are frequently found in male fat burners, but can be too powerful for women.

But that doesn’t mean Leanbean is less effective, far from it.

In their effort to avoid nasty stimulants, Leanbean has researched and curated a perfect combination of alternative fat burning ingredients from mother nature that perfectly fit female fat loss goals.

As you can see from the above list, Leanbean has turned to natural thermogenics such as turmeric and cayenne pepper to effectively support metabolism and fat oxidation without worrisome side effects. 

That’s not the only thing…

Alongside these, Leanbean incorporates green coffee and green tea – both well known for their ability to encourage the body to use stored fat as a fuel source.

Due to their innovative and high quality approach to female fat loss, Leanbean is being used by thousands as one of the most popular options for women.

It certainly is worthy of our top spot!

Take 1 capsule per serving, four times per day with plenty of water.

120 capsules per bottle (one month supply).

Click here to buy Leanbean online

2- Fitmiss Burn

Lowest price on Amazon

Fitmiss Burn is a multi-faceted fat burner that aims to promote optimum fat loss while also enhancing well-being and energy.   

It is crammed with ingredients that work in six different phases: Fat Metabolism, Energy & Focus, Appetite Reduction, Stress Relief & Mood Balancer, Water Shed Diuretic and Enzymatic Matrix.

Most importantly, Fitmiss Burn contains some ingredients like caffeine, green tea, guarana and yerba mate to help increase metabolism, boost energy and melt away fat.

Guarana is a natural but powerful stimulant that keeps energy levels high all day long. The slight drawback however is that it can be too strong for many female users and can cause side-effects. 

There is also some evidence that guarana can increase the rate that fat is burned as an energy source.

Take 2 capsules twice per day with a meal. You must drink lots of water when taking the capsules.

90 capsules means you get a 3 week supply with each bottle.

3- PhenELITE

Lowest price on Amazon

PhenElite touts itself as a high quality fat burner that is as effective as pharmaceutical weight loss drugs.

The unique aspect of PhenElite is that it not only promotes the burning of fat for energy – it also actively defends against further fat being stored in its place.

This is great because it can save you the cost and inconvenience of using two seperate supplements to get the same effects. 

PhenElite uses well researched ingredients such as caffeine and capsicum, both known for their ability to raise the metabolism and torch fat.

Capsicum has been found to diminish the production of new fat cells after the current ones have been burned away; helping you to get lean and stay lean.

Take 1 tablet with breakfast and 1 with lunch. 60 tablets per bottle. (1 month supply)

4- Skinny Gal

Lowest price on Amazon

Skinny Gal by Rock Star is a metabolism booster that also uses the power of thermogenics to increase resting calorie burn. 

By elevating your calorie expenditure, enter a state of calorie deficit much sooner, forcing your body to use body fat for energy.

Skinny Gal by Rock Star uses powerful natural fat burners such as green coffee and cayenne pepper to torch fat fast.

To make things even better, they also use conjugated linoleic acid, or “CLA” to further intensify fat burning potential.

CLA tells your body to prioritize the use of body fat for fuel, while also simultaneously defending lean muscle from being broken down.

We really love these ingredients, but Skinny Gal doesn’t make the top spot because it uses a proprietary blend. This hides the concentration of each ingredient, so we have no way of knowing how powerful a dose we will be getting.

Skinny Gal by Rock Star is a budget fat burning option.

1 capsule before a meal per day. 60 capsules per bottle (2 month supply)

5- Phen375

Lowest price on Amazon

Phen375 is a fat burner that utilizes the power of stimulants to help you drop a dress size fast.

Its intense formula accelerates the metabolic rate and preserves muscle mass, ensuring it is only unwanted body fat that is lost.

Phen375 achieves this by using a combination of stimulants and amino acids such as l-carnitine, caffeine, citrus aurantium, cayenne pepper and coleus forskohlii, among others. 

Caffeine and citrus aurantium are powerful ingredients that work to send energy levels to new highs and keep the metabolism burning faster than before.

Citrus aurantium is particularly intense. It has close similarities to a banned stimulant known as “ephedrine”, which has been used in fat loss pills in the past.

These stimulants can cause troublesome side effects in some individuals, hence why Phen375 is bottom of our list.

1 tablet to be taken before a meal. Bottle contains 30 tablets (1 month supply)

How do fat burners work?

Fat burners are designed to support your body in the use of fat as an energy source.

It is an unfortunate fact of nature that we are designed to store some fat as a survival mechanism, to see us through potential tough times without food.

Here’s the kicker:

For much of the developed world, food shortages are no longer a concern. Instead, an excess of food and bad food choices has created an epidemic of obesity.

This obesity epidemic is spreading rapidly, bringing with it a plethora of health problems and diminished well-being.

You don’t have to be obese to need to lose weight though. Being even slightly overweight can put strain on your heart and increase your risk of chronic illness later in life.

Put simply…

We gain fat when we have consumed more calories than we have burned.

When we have a calorie ‘excess’, our bodies need to decide what to do with this left over energy. Almost always, this excess energy is stored as fat to be used another time.

One of the universal CLAIMS of ‘Fat Burners’ is that they will increase your metabolism and thus, the amount of calories you burn without additional exertion.

This helps you to lose weight by making it easier to reach a negative calorie balance, or “calorie deficit”. Your body has no more calories left to use and therefore starts using your fat stores for fuel. (2)

Another way fat burners work is by persuading the body to prioritize fat as a source of energy, before it runs out of other sources to use, such as sugar. (3)

This is great because it means you can start burning up your fat stores straight away, rather than as a ‘last resort’.

Fat burners help you to lose weight by:

  • Elevating metabolism
  • Encouraging the use of fat for energy
  • Suppressing appetite to reduce calorie intake

As with every weight loss pill, you will get the most out of it by using alongside a health and fitness regime. Most fat burning pills will enhance your results from regular workouts, meaning you can see the benefits faster.

How do you take fat burners?

Almost all fat burners will need to be taken at least once every day.

Many direct you to take them a short time before eating, to give the ingredients time to get into your system and start working.

Others recommend you take them before exercise to boost your performance.

Overall, the best fat burners are the ones that require you to take them multiple times throughout the day, at regular intervals…

This is because the active ingredients are constantly present and working for you all day long.

No matter which fat burner you choose, always follow the directions and stop use if you feel unwell.

What are the side effects of fat burners?

As we have seen, some fat burners include pretty strong ingredients in their formulas.

Those that use stimulants, such as caffeine, to elevate the metabolism may result in feelings of:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Changes in heart rate
  • Headaches and a general unsettled feeling.

Others that use thermogenic alternatives like cayenne pepper, work by creating heat in the body. So in those cases you may feel a little hot, sweaty or “fired up” inside. Overall these low stimulant options are amongst our favorite fat burners for women.

No matter which kind you use, if you feel unwell it is always better to stop and speak to your physician before continuing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How do fat burners help me lose weight?

A: Fat burners generally work in two different ways. First, they will use a variety of ingredients that serve to increase the metabolic rate, ramping up calorie burn…

This helps you reach a calorie deficit faster and start to burn fat. Secondly, some fat burners will use ingredients that encourage the body to use fat stores as the primary energy source.

Q: Do fat burners really work?

A: This really depends upon the quality and dose of the ingredients used in the fat burner. Some fat burners hide the information regarding the strength of their formula, which makes it hard to know how effective they will be. If you get a high quality fat burner like Leanbean, you are sure to see results.

Q: What are the best fat burners without jitters?

A: Women generally benefit from a fat burner that helps to sustain energy levels over many hours. However this can be achieved by using weight loss ingredients such as green coffee and green tea rather than dangerous stimulants like Guarana or Yohimbe. 

Q: What are the best fat burners for cravings?

A: Fat burners are often combined with ingredients that curb the appetite, but if they are not, a fat burner that contains caffeine would be the best option. Caffeine can also curb the appetite as well as boosting metabolism.


Fat burners are great for those who are struggling to lose those last few pounds, or need to kick start their weight loss journey.

In our above list we have covered the top choices in the female fat burner market, so there is sure to be something to meet your needs.

If you are sensitive to stimulants, veer away from the fat burners that use things like caffeine and citrus aurantium in their formula.

This prevents the risk of unpleasant side effects…

Leanbean is great for everyone as it uses no harsh ingredients but is super effective.

Of course, don’t rest your weight loss goals on a pill alone – they can give you an edge – but you will still need to look after yourself and workout.


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The Top 5 Diet Pills for Women of 2018

Companies that engineer diet pills for women have to consider the differences between the way male and female bodies work.

Gender equality is great, but there are biological differences between ladies and gents which is a simple fact. 

Some diet pills will work better for men than for women. Furthermore, it is no secret that there seems to be a lot more choice of men’s sports supplements than women’s at the moment. 


We decided to seek out the top 5 diet pills for women in 2018. These aren’t prescription diet pills but rather safe, natural alternatives.

Here are the top 5 women’s diet pills listed according to the:

  • Quality of ingredients
  • Effectiveness
  • Price

Once we have examined these, we will discuss how the best diet pills for women work and how to use them.

What’s the #1 top rated fat burner for women?

Here you go:

1- Leanbean

Lowest price we found

Leanbean is a slimming tablet that works fast, it is designed to work with the female body in a sensible, yet effective way to achieve great results.

It is crammed full of natural ingredients that charge the metabolism and melt away fat.

One of the standout features that make Leanbean so popular is the lack of stimulants in their formula. It is free from ingredients like caffeine or guarana which can be too strong for women and cause unpleasant side effects.

Instead, Leanbean uses a combination of 12 alternative, ‘female focussed’ fat burning ingredients such as turmeric, cayenne pepper and green coffee to boost calorie burn.

As is clear from the label, Leanbean uses high doses of 12 premium ingredients to give you the support you need to reach your targets.

However, Leanbean does much more than elevate your metabolism, it also contains fibers and extracts that stop you from feeling hungry.

Glucomannan and garcinia cambogia are top class ingredients, famous for their ability to curb hunger, reduce food intake and diminish cravings.

The makers have taken a tailored approach to women’s diet pills and make them well suited to female biology and goals. The have certainly achieved this as Leanbean is one of the most popular weight loss pills on the market right now.

Due to the lack of stimulants and high quality ingredients, Leanbean has a much lower risk of side effects and is therefore our number one recommendation.

Leanbean is very reasonably priced considering the quality of ingredients. The price for one bottle is $59. Cheaper prices can be achieved when buying in bulk. Leanbean can only find it online, it is not available from Walmart or Gnc. That said, quick worldwide delivery is available.

1 capsule per serving, four times per day with water. 120 capsules per bottle

(1 month supply)

2- Skinny Gal

Lowest price on Amazon

Skinny Gal by Rock Star is a thermogenic metabolism booster that is also designed exclusively for the ladies.

It works to increase the amount of calories you burn day to day. By burning more calories without extra effort you will lose unwanted weight faster.

Skinny Gal incorporates powerful fat burners cayenne pepper and green coffee in their list of ingredients.

These are well respected weight loss ingredients, but we do not know the concentrations of these ingredients unfortunately, as Skinny Gal uses a proprietary blend.

Skinny Gal also helps you to stick to your diet by suppressing your hunger levels.

Garcinia cambogia and cayenne pepper fool the brain into believing the stomach is full, making it easier to avoid diet slip ups.

Skinny Gal is one of the lower priced options we found.

1 capsule per day before a meal. 60 capsules per bottle (60 day supply)

3 – Leanmode

Lowest price on Amazon

Leanmode is another thermogenic fat burning diet pill, although it is the first on our list that is not specifically designed for women.

Leanmode works to give you an increase in energy for your workouts, whilst also stimulating the metabolism and accelerating fat loss.

The formula is stimulant free, which makes it a worth mention for our female diet pill list.

Leanmode includes green tea, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), acetyl l-carnitine and green coffee to provide a natural energy and metabolism boost without causing jitteriness

These ingredients are effective at decreasing appetite and keeping you feeling full for longer. Furthermore, CLA encourages your body to target fat for fuel and defends lean muscle mass from being used for energy.

Leanmode doesn’t use a proprietary blend so the strength of the ingredients are clear for us to see.

Leanmode isn’t cheap but is also not an expensive choice. We would say it’s middle of the road.

One serving of Leanmode contains a whopping 500mg of garcinia cambogia, green coffee, CLA and acetyl l-carnitine, alongside 250mg of green tea extract.

3 capsules per serving with a glass of water, twice per day, half an hour before your meal.

A bottle of Leanmode contains 150 capsules, which is just short of a month supply.

4 – Phen375

Lowest price on Amazon

Phen375 is an all natural fat burning and weight loss pill that does include stimulants to help you drop inches. It works by elevating metabolic rate and calorie burn, reducing food cravings and supporting muscle preservation and muscle gain.

Phen375 formula uses a mixture of citrus aurantium, l-carnitine, coleus forskohlii, cayenne pepper and caffeine to achieve this.

The form of caffeine used is called ‘caffeine anhydrous’ on the label. This refers to a dehydrated form of caffeine that is quite powerful in its effects.

Caffeine is an intense stimulant that provides an upsurge in energy as well as fat diminishing benefits (also found in green coffee bean extract).

Citrus aurantium is another highly stimulating ingredient, which is similar in effect to the restricted drug ephedrine.

Phen375 contains 125 mg citrus aurantium, which rapidly increases metabolic rate and curbs hunger for hours.

Phen375 is the most expensive diet pill in our list.

One tablet of Phen375 is to be taken before meals. Each bottle contains 30 tablets. (A months supply.)

5 – Sheer Strength Appetite Suppressant for Women

Lowest price on Amazon

As the name suggests, this diet pill is an appetite suppressant exclusively designed for use by women.

Sheer Strength Appetite Suppressant for Women uses a blend of ingredients that reduce the feeling of hunger to encourage weight loss.

When hunger is reduced, you should find it much easier to restrict your calorie intake. This forces the body to start to use up excess fat stores for fuel and help you lose inches.

Their formula includes 120 mcg chromium – a popular ingredient used to suppress appetite.

Chromium works by stabilizing blood sugar and therefore preventing sweet cravings.

Sheer Strength Appetite Suppressant for Women is the cheapest on our list.

This diet pill is great for stopping cravings but it does fall short when it comes to increasing metabolism.

Serving size is one capsule with breakfast and one capsule with lunch. Each bottle contains 30 servings which is a two week supply.

How do diet pills for women work?

Diet pills are designed to work in a number of ways to support and encourage the body to shed fat.

Some pills harness more than one approach, while others are more specific and follow a particular method.

One of the most common claims you will see from diet pills is that they ‘boost metabolism’.


Metabolism is the powerhouse of energy creation within us, which keeps us alive and functioning. It is responsible for converting food into the energy that our cells require to go about their business. (1)

This means that you are burning a certain amount of calories as energy throughout the day, even if you are doing no exercise at all. This is your ‘basal metabolic rate’ or BMR.

Everyone’s BMR is different. We are not all burning the same amount of calories each day. Metabolic rate can be influenced by age, body composition, health and gender.

Yep, that’s right…

Women naturally burn less calories than men. Doesn’t seem fair huh?

Diet pills can include ingredients that influence the metabolism and encourage it to work harder. This means that you will start to burn more calories without having to expend any extra effort.

As long as you burn more calories than you eat, eventually your body will run out of calories to use for fuel. It is at this point that your body looks to your fat stores as another fuel source to breakdown for energy, resulting in weight loss. (2)

Another way diet pills work is by stopping you from feeling hungry.

They include ingredients that either swell in the digestive system or influence hunger hormones to make you feel full when you haven’t eaten much.

Some work to balance blood sugar levels which prevents sugar crashes and unhealthy cravings.

By cutting your appetite, diet pills help you to consume less calories and thus assist with weight loss.

Lastly, diet pills can give you an energy boost to help you work out harder and longer than you would normally feel able to when dieting. (3)

This means that you can spend longer in the gym and burn more calories during exercise.

Diet pills can help you lose weight by:

  • Boosting calorie burn
  • Stopping sugar cravings
  • Limiting hunger
  • Increasing energy levels

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for diet pills that work without exercise then you’re choice will be limited. To work well you’ll need to use these medically proven weight loss supplements in combination with a healthy diet and exercise regime.

You are unlikely to get the body you want by gorging on junk food and sitting in front of the tv, no matter what pill you take.

How do you take diet pills?

Usually diet pills are taken at least once per day, either with or before meals. Some diet pills will direct you to take them before you exercise to improve results.

Because some of the ingredients work by swelling up in the gut, it is always a good idea to drink lots of water when taking the capsules.

The best diet pills are the ones that you have to take multiple times, spread throughout the day.

This is so the active ingredients continue to have an effect on your body all day long and do not wear off after a few hours.

As always, it is very important to follow the directions and dosage instruction carefully. You should never exceed the stated dose of a diet pill. If you feel unwell you should stop taking the diet pills and speak to a doctor about your symptoms.

What are the side effects of diet pills?

The potential side effects of diet pills usually depend upon what the main action of the pills are to begin with.

For example, if you are taking a diet pill that says it will boost your metabolism or increase energy, it could contain stimulants like caffeine, or ingredients that have a thermogenic effect (commonly found in creatine and pre-workout supplements).

What does this mean?

In short, you could possibly start to feel a bit jittery, anxious, hot, or have trouble sleeping. Some thermogenic ingredients like Guarana, can cause indigestion and heartburn.

Other diet pills that work by reducing your hunger will likely contains fibers that pack out the digestive system to make you feel full, or extracts that work with your hormones.

These kind of diet pills can cause bloating, gas, nausea, stomach cramps, constipation or diarrhea.

Unless you are particularly sensitive to an ingredient like caffeine, you are unlikely to experience serious side effects from taking diet pills.

However, it is always important to pay attention to how you feel and take action to stop use if necessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do diet pills help me lose weight?

A: Diet pills generally help you to lose weight by increasing the number of calories you burn, making you feel less hungry or helping you push yourself in the gym.

Q: Do diet pills really work?

A: Yes, diet pills can help you lose weight. Just make sure you check the labels and do your research into the company and ingredients first.

Q: What are the best diet pills without jitters?

If you are too busy to exercise or feel too tired to hit the gym, the best diet pill for you would be a metabolism and energy booster. These diet pills will help you burn more calories without working out. If you are worried about side effects then you want to choose a diet pill that doesn’t contain much caffeine. 

Q: What are the best diet pills for cravings?

If you struggle to stick to your diet, the best diet pill for you is an appetite suppressant. These diet pills make you feel full even though you have eaten little, stopping you from consuming as many calories and ruining your progress.


Diet pills are useful aids when trying to lose weight. If you are already dieting and exercising, but struggling to reach your goals, diet pills can give you that extra edge.

As we have seen, the best diet pills for women are those that are lower in stimulants and use gentle but effective ingredients to boost metabolism and curb the appetite.

This lowers the risk of side effects which can be unpleasant and may put some women off.

With all diet pills, it is important to always follow the directions provided. This way you can rest assured you will be on the road to weight loss without any nasty after effects.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Leanbean full review – just a scam or legit fat burner?

Leanbean is a new type of weight loss supplement known as a female fat burner. In contrast to some other products on the market, Leanbean is made out of 100% natural ingredients and does not include stimulants.

In this Lean bean fat burner review, we’ll give you a complete picture of the effectiveness of this dietary supplement. We’ll cover the ingredients and the scientific effects of this fat burner, check out real lean bean before and after results and let you know about the best discounts and lean bean coupon codes.

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Furthermore we’ll answer some of the most common questions:

  • How does it work?
  • What’s in it?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is it more effective for women?

The benefits of Leanbean

The early signs for Leanbean are promising as this fat loss supplement uses an all-natural formula, with many of Leanbean’s ingredients being extracted from plants and spices. This clean fat burner provides powerful energy and has even been used by athletes including pro surfer and model, Bree Kleintop.

There’s also next to no caffeine which makes it much safer for women who are usually sensitive to supplements. 

Some of the standout benefits:

  • Uses only natural ingredients
  • Targets the resilient fat on the legs, buttocks, and tummy
  • Burns fat without muscle loss
  • Increases metabolism
  • Specially designed for women
  • Made to suppress cravings
  • Used by pro athletes

Here’s the kicker:

Your body might already be well-toned, but that won’t be obvious if your legs, tummy, and buttocks are carrying extra fat.

A good female fat burner supplement like Leanbean will help you lose fat without losing muscle mass as well. Some other fat burners that contain laxatives and diuretics will reduce the muscle mass as well, and that’s not something women want at all.

Be aware, there isn’t a fat burner out there that can claim to the work overnight. The manufacturer recommends taking Leanbean in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. So right from the start, you have a clear view of how this product can help. If you exercise regularly and eat right, the supplement will help you get rid of the unwanted fat faster than usual.

How does Leanbean work?

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of Leanbean, you might be wondering if this is just a hype or if the product can really accomplish what it’s supposed to. How can it produce all of these benefits?

We explain how it works below.

One of the most important effects Leanbean has on your body is raising metabolism. By doing this the supplement stimulates fat loss. As research says that a high metabolism might be even more helpful for fat loss than working out. When your metabolism is high, your body uses more energy at all times, no matter what you do. So your body will be using at least some energy when you’re doing normal things like driving or working at the office.


Just because the supplement can raise your metabolism and uses more energy doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work-out. You should help your body shed more fat by keeping your exercise routine constant. In fact the extra energy supplied by a good fat burner will make exercise less taxing. And the more you exercise the faster you will see results!

How do appetite suppressants work?

Another way Leanbean helps is by suppressing your appetite. This product contains no less than four appetite suppressants. The suppressants include fiber that will fill up in your stomach. As a result, you won’t eat as much as you would because you won’t feel as hungry. It also uses garcinia cambogia which was made famous on the Dr OZ show for its active role in appetite suppression.

Now, the supplement’s goal is not to make you starve yourself, but it helps you avoid the need to snack between meals and it will prevent sugar binges that might affect your long-term goals.

These things mean Leanbean will help you tone your body. By increasing your metabolism, suppressing your cravings, and giving you an energy boost necessary for a good workout routine, this supplement facilitates fat loss without decreasing your muscle mass. If you eat right and exercise regularly.

Leanbean ingredients and supplement facts

You’re probably wondering what natural ingredients can offer these benefits. Here’s what Leanbean contains:

  1. Glucomannan – a natural dietary fiber that is extracted from the root of the Konjac plant. This fiber passes relatively unchanged through the stomach and reaches our colon. Once there, the glucomannan will absorb up to 50 times its weight in water, making you feel full and therefore limiting your appetite (1).
  2.       Green Tea – Often considered the healthiest drink in the world. Green tea contains a lot of catechins that have a positive effect on weight loss. Long-term green tea consumption can lead to a significant improvement of your body’s fat oxidation. In addition to catechins, green tea also contains a small amount of caffeine that acts as a fat-burning stimulant (2).
  3. Turmeric – Contains a very powerful antioxidant called curcumin. Curcumin contains ‘cytokines’ that can help with treating the low-grade inflammation usually seen in overweight people. Moreover, turmeric supplements will reduce the cholesterol and triglycerides levels in your body and increase your metabolic rate, stimulating fat burning. The absorption of curcumin is helped further by piperine or black pepper (3).
  4. Cayenne Pepper – Most likely included because it includes active ingredient named capsaicin. Capsaicin is the compound that gives the cayenne pepper its spiciness, it can increase your metabolic rate by up to 20%, meaning quicker weight loss. In addition, capsaicin boosts the levels of adiponectin in your body, which is a fat-burning hormone (4).
  5.  Green Coffee – The consumption of green coffee extract significantly decreases body weight gain and improves the amount of fat stored in your liver by regulating the release of adiponectin and leptin, two fat-burning hormones (5).
  6. Piperine – Piperine is extracted from black pepper and it’s the element that gives black pepper its specific taste. It suppresses the body’s fat-storing instinct by disrupting the normal activity of the genes that determine the formation of new fat cells. By limiting the body’s ability to create new fat cells, piperine produces a fat burning effect. Moreover, piperine helps the body better absorb other top weight loss ingredients  like curcumin (6).

How do you use Leanbean?

You should take Leanbean four times a day. This means taking the first capsule with breakfast, the second one before lunch, the third in the afternoon, and the last one before your evening meal. Doing it like this means you get the most out of each capsule and you maximize their effects.

Of course, another advantage of spreading the dose is that the Konjac fibre in the capsules will partially fill your stomach, so you will feel less hungry at all times.

Thanks to its mild stimulating effect, Leanbean will make you feel less tired and more energetic. If you go to the gym a lot and are well used to stimulants then taking two before training sessions is advised.

The pros of using Leanbean

  • Increases your metabolism
  • Includes over 1500mg of natural fat burners
  • Reduces your appetite and suppresses cravings
  • Doesn’t contain stimulants – so no risk to health
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Burns fat without reducing muscle mass

The cons of using Leanbean

  • You have to take 4 capsules per day, three of which before meals
  • There isn’t a Lean bean coupon, for discounts you need to buy more months.

Leanbean fat burner reviews

Living up to its name as one of the top fat burners around Leanbean has helped many of its customers create positive change to their bodies.

Here are some examples:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do you take Leanbean?

Four capsules a day taken individually. You can double up and take two capsules before a gym session.

Where do you buy Leanbean and how much does it cost?

You can only buy Leanbean direct from the brand (click here to go to their website). The manufacturer’s website gives you the possibility to select a fast checkout by paying through PayPal or Amazon Pay. Buying through the manufacturer’s office helps you avoid the extra cost of retail stores.

Does Leanbean have coupons?

You won’t find single box discounts but they do have some attractive promotions:

There are three packages to choose from:

  • Bikini Body Bundle – You pay for 3 bottles of Leanbean and you get one free. As a bonus, you get a free e-book workout guide and benefit from free worldwide delivery.  This bundle costs $185. The servings for one day would cost $1.54
  • Two Month’s Supply – You pay for 2 bottles of Leanbean and benefit from free shipping in the USA and UK. This package costs $118. The servings for one day would cost $1.96
  • One Month’s Supply – You pay for a single bottle of Leanbean. This package costs $59. The servings for one day would cost $1.96

Can you buy Leanbean on Amazon?

Buyers should be aware, you can only find the real thing on the official Leanbean website. If you’re looking for Leanbean on Amazon then you’ll most likely be buying a ‘copycat’ product or fake.

How quickly does Leanbean work?

Leanbean has been responsible for some phenomenal transformations. Take a look at some of the genuine Leanbean reviews online. The speed of results really do depend on how much work the user is putting in though. You do need to take the product as directed by the company and in line with serious training and eating schedule.

How does Leanbean work without caffeine?

It use spices like Cayenne pepper to push up your metabolism safely. It also supplies a higher number of appetite suppressants than regular fat burners.

Does Leanbean ship worldwide?

There’s not many countries where you can’t get the Leanbean fat burner. A small number of countries are exempt due to customs restrictions.

Leanbean vs Instant Knockout?

There are number of different fat burners serving different types of customers in the market. Instant Knockout has been used by cage fighters before fights, Leanbean stands out as the best choice for women and has been used by professional bikini models and surfers.


This Leanbean review should have given you a clear insight on why we consider it to be one of the best products in the female fat burner section of the market. Based on its ingredients and their effects we believe that Leanbean is a safe and effective supplement for fat loss.

Leanbean is a ‘gmp’ certified fat burner which makes the overall cost a bit higher than other weight loss products. The good news is that this translates into a better quality product.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Top 5 Acai Berry Supplements of 2018

The acai berry is a fruit native to areas of Central and South America and has become one of the trendiest superfruits in the health space. These tiny berries pack a powerful punch as they contain an abundance of medicinal properties that are useful for all types of ailments.

It’s easy to see why the indigenous people of the Amazon have been using the fruit for years for its amazing health benefits.

Acai berries can help provide you with an excellent source of energy, and improve your immune system. They have also been proven in numerous studies to heal certain diseases.

Below is a list of the best acai berry supplements on the market, according to price, product quality, and customer reviews. Part two of this guide breaks down what exactly goes into a acai berry supplements and how they work.

Here’s our #1 recommended acai berry supplement:

1- Sari Foods Acai Powder

Lowest price on Amazon

Premium organically grown acai berries, freeze dried in the purest form. That’s what you get with Sari Foods acai powder.

Since this supplement comes in powder form it makes it easy to add acai to your smoothies or protein shakes, or add it to a recipe to improve the nutritional value of a meal. In fact, the guys at Sari Foods will actually send you a recipe card with cool ways to incorporate the acai powder in your meals and drinks.

So what separates Sari Foods Acai from their competition?

Here’s what the company has to say:

“Sari Foods Organic Acai is a pure acai powder. Unlike acai juice powders (where acai is juiced then dried to a powder), we also preserve all of the fiber from the fruit which promotes digestion and even helps to keep you fuller for longer. Furthermore, our berries are harvested at their nutritional peak and freeze-dried (the best method to maintain the same nutritional profile as fresh acai) the same day to preserve freshness and their superior flavor.”

It’s not the cheapest acai supplement out there, but as far as quality and purity go, it’s hard to find a better option.

Serving size: 1 tsp – about 65 servings in the bag.

Buy Sari Foods Acai Powder on Amazon

2- Now Foods Acai 500

Lowest price on Amazon

Now Foods is a leading brand in the health supplement space, and their acai product is one of the most popular acai product sold on Amazon.

This particular acai supplement comes in capsule form for a convenient and simple on-the-go acai berry solution. Each capsule contains 500 mg of freeze dried acai.

Here’s what the company has to say about their acai product:

“NOW uses only solvent-free, freeze-dried Acai Berries to ensure that all the nutrients present in fresh Acai are retained.”

This product contains absolutely zero sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives.

Recommended dosage instructions: Take 2 capsules 1-2 times daily. 100 capsules in the bottle.

Buy Now Foods Acai on Amazon

3- MySuperFoods Organic Acai Powder

Lowest price on Amazon

An acai powder made from acai berries hand-picked from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. That’s what MySuperFoods’ acai product is all about.

The company ensures the berries used to make the powder are indeed 100% organic.

From the guys at MySuperFoods on the acai berries they use: “[They’re] not only Certified Organic by the Soil Association, but they are also eco-friendly and sustainable so you can enjoy our powder with a clean conscience.”

Recommended dosage: 10g -15g daily. There are 125 grams total in the bag.

This product is vegan and vegetarian friendly and both gluten and dairy free.

Buy MySuperFoods Acai Powder on Amazon

4- Terrasoul Superfoods Acai Powder

Lowest price on Amazon

Terrasoul Superfoods makes an organic, freeze dried acai supplement in powder form.

What makes this company different from their competition? Here’s what the guys at Terrasoul Superfoods have to say:

“Unlike other companies that use co-packers, we directly import, lab test and package our ingredients to ensure quality. We are also one of the largest wholesale suppliers of organic superfoods in the U.S. and are trusted by hundreds of the nation’s top juice and smoothie bars and organic food manufactures as their source for high-quality superfoods.

Working in close partnership with our suppliers enables us to offer the
highest quality ingredients at a superior value.”

Allergy warning: packaged in a facility that handles tree nuts.

Serving size: 1.5 tsp – 37 total servings in the bag.

Buy Terrasoul Superfoods Acai Powder on Amazon

5- Feel Good Organics Acai Powder

Lowest price on Amazon

Feel Good Organics is the company behind this particular organic acai powder supplement.

Sourced from acai berries directly imported from Brazil, this premium powder is top of the line and definitely not a cheap option either.

The powder is 100% raw which means no unnecessary fillers or additives are used. It is also recommended that you refrigerate the bag after opening to keep it fresh longer.

One of the top rated acai products on Amazon, according to the customer reviews.

Serving size: 1 tsp – 151  servings total in the bag.

Buy Feel Good Organics Acai Powder on Amazon


What are acai berries?

The flavor of this small berry is like a blackberry mixed with dark chocolate. Many people have claimed that the chocolatey flavor is more of an aftertaste that you experience after you have chewed on the berry for a while.

Acai berries are reddish-purple fruits that are about an inch long. They come from the acai palm tree and are high in antioxidants, healthy fats, and fiber. They contain more antioxidants than other common berries such as strawberries, cranberries, camu camu, or even blueberries. 

Another advantage of eating acai berries or taking an acai supplement is that it is known to promote healthy weight loss. Many people have experienced positive results while taking an acai berry supplement combined with a nutritious diet plan and exercise routine.

How do acai berries work?

The acai berry is often used to help promote a healthy immune system, improve energy, and assist in weight loss.

The considerable number of antioxidants in each serving help with immune support. These antioxidants can fight off harmful free radicals and oxidants that can weigh you down. For that reason, the berry is the focus of many studies as experts test out how effective acai berries are in combating life-threatening diseases such as heart disease and certain forms of cancer.

Although there is little scientific proof that acai berries can help promote weight loss, many people claim that supplements containing the superfruit really work. It could be the fact that acai berries supply you with plenty of energy, which can help keep you moving so that you burn fat easier.

Or those who use acai berry detox products may experience slight weight loss once they detox their body and remove harmful toxic buildup.

So what’s so special about antioxidants?

Antioxidants have been in the news for many years. And usually when they are mentioned, it’s because of the results of a new study showing how effective they can be in the fight against heart disease.

If you have a history of heart disease in your family, or you already experience cardiovascular issues, you may have been told to eat more foods containing antioxidants such as strawberries or blueberries. But what exactly are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are found in plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables. They can also be found in tea and coffee. These compounds have made headlines over the past few years because they are also found in wine and dark chocolate, making these otherwise ‘non-healthy’ foods a nutritious, heart-healthy choice.

The word ‘antioxidants’ is used to describe the thousands of compounds that are beneficial to our health. Some of the most common include flavanols, resveratrol, lycopene, as well as Vitamins A, C, and E [1].

Antioxidants are useful because they can prevent cell damage caused by oxidants. These are free-radicals we encounter on a regular basis. They are also produced naturally by our bodies. Some free radicals that are found in our environment include cigarette smoke and alcohol.

Free radicals are made by our bodies to fight harmful viruses, however if there are too many in your system, they can cause damage and contribute to certain types of cancer and heart disease. Therefore, it’s important to consume foods and supplements that contain antioxidants, like acai berries.

What are the benefits of acai berries?

There is an abundance of benefits to consuming fresh acai berries or taking a supplement. While we have yet to discover all the advantages of this small and powerful fruit, below are a few benefits that the experts believe to be true.

  • Fights heart disease

There are many factors that can cause heart disease such as a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stress. When left untreated, these issues can lead to heart conditions such as chest pain, valvular heart disease, and coronary heart disease.

Acai berries contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat cardiovascular disease. When consumed regularly, these berries have shown that they can have a positive effect on the body’s oxidative stress level, blood pressure, and overall metabolic activity.

  • May fight certain types of cancer

Any fruit or vegetable that contains antioxidants is useful in fighting cancer. Although more research needs to be performed to determine how effective acai berries are, studies have shown that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in the fruit can fight cancer cells and lower the risk of the user developing cancer [2].

  • Improves immune health

Acai berries offer excellent immune defense because they are high in Vitamin C. Consuming foods that are high in this vitamin can help to give your immune system the boost it needs to combat colds and viruses [3].

  • Boosts energy levels

People who eat acai berries regularly or take a supplement daily claim that they experience an energy boost. Just be sure to only take the recommended dose if you are taking supplements since consuming too much acai berry can give you a big energy boost that can result in unwanted fatigue [4].

  • May help with weight loss

There are skeptics who may disagree with the fact that acai berries can help with weight loss, however, there are also studies which show that dieters have seen positive results when trying to lose weight by taking an acai berry supplement.

It could be due to the high fiber content in the fruit that can help to suppress your appetite and reduce hunger [5].

What are the side effects of acai berries?

Acai berries have made a positive change in the supplement industry, however like many other herbal and plant-based supplements, there are some side effects that you should be aware of before you take them.

If you consume too many acai berries at once, the beneficial antibiotics can have an adverse effect. They will begin to buildup toxins inside the body, which can lead to various health issues including fatigue, acne, or yeast infections.

Some acai berry supplements contain echinacea. This is an herb that is known to cause inflammation of the liver, which could potentially cause liver damage. It could also have a damaging effect on the immune system.

Extensive use of acai berry supplements can cause a significant drop in your blood pressure. People who already experience heart problems should be aware of this and use the supplement with caution.

Acai berries can interact with pan relievers such as naproxen or aspirin. You should never combine acai berries or an acai supplement with these pain killers unless your doctor recommends it.

Eating acai berries could cause swelling of the mouth, lips, tongue, and throat. It could also cause additional respiratory problems. Individuals who have a pollen allergy may have more side effects when taking an acai berry supplement. 

How to take acai berry supplements

Acai berry supplements are available in many formats. Take them in powder or extract form, or added to a detox solution for weight loss. Since they are known to provide an energy boost, the berries can be found in many popular energy drinks.

Antioxidants can help reduce the early signs of aging. Therefore, you may find acai berries in the ingredients of your favorite beauty products. There are many cosmetics now available that contain acai oil such as anti-aging skin creams, facial and body creams, lotions, shampoos and conditioners.

You can purchase over-the-counter supplements that contain acai berry extract. Just be sure to read the label and pay attention to the directions. While the berries are a natural form of antioxidants and other helpful nutrients, remember that taking too much could cause serious side effects.


Acai Berries are a popular fruit with many health benefits. They are used in the vast regions of the Amazon for hundreds of years to promote energy and boost the immune system.

Today, experts are still trying to find out more about all the wonders of this tiny fruit and how it can benefit people with serious health conditions such as cancer or cardiovascular disease.

While more research needs to be done, taking acai berry supplements has shown to help many people lower their cholesterol, improve their blood pressure, and even lose weight. Always take dietary supplements as directed. Even if they are a natural alternative to prescription medications, acai berries can be harmful if you take too many at once.

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